•    Darlene S, Vancouver, BC

” Dear Sheila, I so appreciate all of the help you so freely offered with my menopausal symptoms. I am now gloriously hot-flash free (!) and much happier thanks to the use of natural hormone creams and your other recommendations. You took a lot of time to help me on numerous occasions, even making phone calls on my behalf and recommending a family doctor as well as financial help with my prescriptions. Few doctors or pharmacists know or inderstand how to prescribe natural hormone treatments, and I was actively looking and praying for someone like you who could help me. My hot flashes used to be very frequent and intense, and my memory (which is normally very good) was also suffering. Once I found you and got onto the right treatment plan, the symptoms dissipated quickly and I have been sleeping better as well. I am also starting to lose the weight I gained around my stomach area due to my hormones being out of balance.

I am now sending my sister to you for treatment of her thyroid and low iron levels (you made an excellent correlation which no doctor could figure out!) as well as her peri-menopausal symptoms. We both thank you for all of your kind assistance and for offering a listening ear to our issues. Often we find it’s easier to talk to a woman about menopause and peri-menopause symptoms, and even better, someone like you who is highly trained in this important, but rarely studied area of specialty. “

  •    Monica K, Burnaby, BC

” I began consulting with Sheila a few weeks ago regarding my sense that my hormones were seriously unbalanced – I was having severe migraines, sudden dramatic hairloss, mood swings, exhaustion, and episodes of hot and cold sweats. I recognized from watching my mother go through hell years ago, that this was more than likely hormone-related! I also knew from previous experience that it was hard to find someone well-informed about bioidentical hormone replacement – and I am not interested in traditional hormone therapies.

I was extremely fortunate in that I live very close to Sheila’s pharmacy, and so one day literally by accident went in and found out more… The first thing that struck me, is Sheila’s ability to actually listen… and formulate a strategy with the information I’m able to provide, working with me collaboratively. I’ve lived in this body 50+ years, and I know it well – and Sheila understands and respects this, which is incredibly refreshing and reassuring! I feel like I am working with her, and sharing information, rather than following orders or being controlled. She also shares information, educating me about my own body and hormones, which is so helpful. It feels like a true partnership.

Sheila is also very compassionate, and understands the interplay of physical and psychological – which is critical, given that hormones can play such havoc with moods and psychological experience! Sure enough, after a simple test and results, it turns out my hormones were badly out of whack… And we are now working together to get things back on track. I am already sleeping better, my mood swings have greatly improved, and the hairloss has stopped. I’m looking forward to refining things, and continuing to maintain a much better balance… I do understand that literally every system in our bodies is controlled by hormones, so this is a critical issue for maintaining health, particularly for women in perimenopause and menopause.

Because of Sheila’s open, collaborative and straightforward approach, I am very confident that I will be able to continuously maintain a much better balance with my hormones, and achieve the optimal health I know I can enjoy. I remember the literal hell my mother went through… and I’m so grateful I don’t have to endure that! “

  •    Sonia G, Vancouver, BC

” I am a 46 year old woman who has been suffering with debilitating hot flushes, heart palpitation, weight gain and lack of energy due to having interrupted sleep. I started having menopausal symptoms when I turned 39. I suffered for a few years not knowing there was help to ease these symptoms. A friend of mine was also having the same problems. She researched on the internet about alternative medicine for menopause. She found out there was help with bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. We went to see an anti-aging doctor. She ordered blood test for blood levels of FSH, T4 and T3 thyroid, DHEA and other adrenal hormones. My hormone levels were very low so the Dr. prescribed Bi-Est and natural progesterone in a cream base. I took the prescription to Pharmasave a compounding pharmacy. I started using the prescribed hormones and started to feel phenomenal! I loved the simplicity of using the topiclick containers. After a few months using the cream I was feeling great. Then I stopped using the therapy for about a year. Last year all the syptoms came back. I went to see my family doctor but all he recommended was heart medication for my palpitations. Since I already knew that the hormone therapy took away my palpitations last time, I decline his prescription and I started hormone therapy again. I went to see Sheila Jiwan at Pharmasave and she put me back on bio-identical hormones and now I am feeling normal again. I would definitely recommend bio-identical hormone replacement therapy to anyone in a situation like mine. Thank you Sheila and Dr. Ebrahim for taking good care of my health it has made a difference in my life. I can’t recommend you highly enough! “

  •    ZN, Vancouver, BC

” At the age of 19 I stopped menstruating. The doctor at my university’s health center told me not to worry and that it was probably just exercise induced. It made sense as I had just started a new healthy lifestyle and had taken up running. I figured that if a doctor told me that I had nothing to worry about I should probably just ignore it. And that is exactly what I did….for 3 years. I convinced myself that the constant irritability I was experiencing was due to stress at school and that my relentless fatigue was caused by exercise.

Well, 3 years later I could no longer ignore the fact that something was just not right. I was constantly anxious, tired and depressed. I couldn’t sleep at night, I had started to experience hot flashes, and I had gained about 10 pounds in a couple of months without any changes in eating habits or exercise. I was basically experiencing all of the signs and symptoms of menopause at the age of 22! I booked a gynaecologist appointment right away and was diagnosed with hypothalamic amenorrhea. The gynaecologist was quick to recommend the birth control pill to me as a way to jump start my cycle, however, I felt strongly about not putting anything synthetic in my body. Thankfully, my family doctor told me about the natural alternative (bio-identical hormones) and referred me to Sheila.

I have to admit I was sceptical at first as I had read all sorts of outrageous things on the internet that terrified me. But, after my initial consultation with Sheila I decided to go through with it. I purchased a ZRT take home saliva test kit and received the results shortly after sending it out. It turned out my progesterone levels were extremely low which caused me to stop menstruating and live in a constant state of estrogen dominance.

I began taking natural progesterone cream for 14 days out of the month and began to notice a difference in as little as two weeks. My hot flashes were gone, my energy levels were up and I was just an all-round happier person. I continue to use the natural progesterone cream and genuinely feel better each day.
I strongly encourage any woman no matter how old or young to contact Sheila if you are experiencing any of the unpleasant symptoms of hormone imbalance. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable but she is also one of the most sincere and caring people I have ever met. Through her expertise in BHRT, I am finally starting to feel like myself again and I could not be more grateful. ”

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